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Royalty and Contract Audit Services at HBLLP
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Protect your intellectual properties and recover unpaid residuals royalties and profits.

We pay attention to details and help you identify and collect what you are due.


Signing a royalty agreement is a reason to celebrate and can provide significant income. In today's economy, third party contracts are paramount. But are you getting what you are due? Unfortunately, it is common practice for licensees to underreport and underpay royalties. Negotiations and agreeing to terms is only the beginning . Continual monitoring is necessary to ensure that all parties are fully complying with those terms. 

Our team is dedicated to protecting you. We will audit and analyze your agreements and ensure they they are being complied with and repair them if they are not. If you have concerns regarding your royalty compliance, or if you’re in the early negotiation phase of a new deal, we have the experience to protect your interests.

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Our specialized Royalty and Contract group performs gross receipts audits, royalty audits, and contract compliance examinations. In addition, we provide expert witness services. When conducting royalty and contract compliance audits, we creatively look for ways to identify opportunities for potential recoveries.

We have expertise in performing gross receipts audits on behalf of Entertainment Industry Associations, Guilds and Unions. Our audits entail the examination of revenues of feature films and television programs to ensure that union covered talent are receiving an accurate share of negotiated residual income under the terms of their Collective Bargaining Agreement. Our work in this area has generated millions of dollars of residual income to talent.

Through our membership in PKF International, we are able to provide services in major cities throughout the world. We are qualified to perform independent royalty audits under the AICPA Attestation Standards along with gross receipts and royalty engagements under AICPA Consulting Standards.

If you are looking for a dedicated Royalty and Contract Audit Advisor, we have CPAs to help you. Contact us today.
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