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Roy Paulson
Paulson Manufacturing

In business and international committees throughout Southern California, Roy Paulson is well recognized as both a leader and mentor. He has a passion for international commerce and has dedicated countless hours assisting other companies in expanding their exports. At a time when many have lost faith in the challenging global market, Paulson remains enthusiastic about competing abroad.

Roy Paulson brings his own direct experience of building an international business, setting up distribution and establishing a warehouse, engineering and sales team in Europe to the table when he joins like minded groups.  The principle method is working at the local, county, state and national levels to pull together all the threads and point the way for other manufacturers.  Recently, Roy became the chair of the National District Export Council, with 1,500 members, all preselected and appointed by the Secretary of Commerce.  This new position provides the opportunities to reach deeper and make greater contributions across the country.  In a recent statement Roy said, “ All manufacturers can export; it is a matter of the decision at the top. We just need to show them the way with success stories and  a little hand holding to get them started always helps”.   

Born into a manufacturing business, Roy learned the business from the ground up. His education centered on a combination of business management and associated technical training. He currently runs the family business, Paulson Manufacturing Corp.. Founded in 1947 in Temecula, the company specializes in equipment related to eye and face protection for industries such as defense, aerospace, public safety, industrial facilities, and professional sports teams. Paulson Manufacturing prides itself in delivering quality and innovation to each and every customer.

Since 2004, Paulson International Ltd., the international sales entity of Paulson Manufacturing Corp., distributes these high quality products to the entire world by a globally acting network of authorized distributors. The impact of exporting has had a deep effect on Paulson Manufacturing helping it to grow to be a “world class organization.”

Paulson has received numerous awards and recognition for his work. Included among his accompishments are District Export Council Appointment, Export Achievement Award (US Department of Commerce), Export Achievement (Proclamation, Riverside County), IEEBA Export Achievement, Indonesia Recognition Award, World Trade Week LA Area Chamber Export Achievement Award, EDA County of Riverside Export Achievement Award, Lifetime Achievement Award (California Inland Empire District Export Council), and SBA Exporter of the Year.

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