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Industry Experience 
Your industry encounters unique challenges and has distinctive needs. At Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP, our professionals have expertise in a variety of industries and understand the challenges you face every day. We offer a full range of accounting, tax, and consulting services to meet those needs. This expertise in your field, coupled with our quality of service and timely, professional advice, is designed to offer you security, profit, and peace of mind.

With Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP, you benefit from both global resources and local commitment. We are affiliates of Allinial Global and PKF International (PKFI), associations of legally independent accounting and consulting firms who share education, marketing resources, and technical knowledge in a wide range of industries. We are your local partner with national and international resources. We have access to expanded knowledge and talent. Some of our areas of expertise include, among others:

Today’s agribusinesses are faced with challenges on a local and global scale and must operate at maximum efficiency to remain competitive. We understand the obstacles you face and will help you manage market changes to maintain effective management practices and profitability.

As an important part of your management team, we are an objective resource when creating your business plan, including analyses of hypothetical changes in market prices, production, and crop yields. Our services for agribusinesses also include operations, accounting, tax, and government compliance assistance, short-term credit acquisition and negotiation to fund smaller purchases, capital investment strategies, and future planning strategies for larger capital expenditures.

The construction industry is dynamic and challenging and our construction industry consultants understand that you face daily decisions regarding competition, job-cost overruns, changing regulations, bonding requirements, taxation, and accounting that affect your bottom line.

Contractors have relied on us for business plans to minimize risk and control cost, financial reports that help streamline complex decisions, consulting, auditing, and tax services. Whether you need assistance analyzing working capital, qualifying for financing, handling complicated cash flows, evaluating job costing systems, or project estimating, our expertise will help ensure your success.

Family Business 
Families in business together differ from other families. Family issues must be balanced along with management and ownership issues. Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP will provide objective advice to help your family business make difficult decisions regarding succession, authority, “fairness,” and the types of formal structures and processes you should have in place.

We are not just interested in helping you achieve your business objectives; we are equally as concerned about your personal decisions as business owners. Whether you need a tax plan analysis, an evaluation of your current investments, or preparation of a retirement plan, we will seek to understand your individual situation to meet those requirements.

Financial Institutions 
Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP’s Financial Institutions Group is focused on providing the highest quality auditing, accounting, tax, IT, and business advisory services to community banks (SEC and non-SEC), credit unions, and finance companies. For over 50 years, we have made it our business to understand the ever-changing landscape of account rules, tax laws, and regulations affecting financial institutions and are actively involved in the California Bankers Association and the California Independent Bankers Association. This gives you the benefit of local expertise with the depth of experience you expect from professionals who specialize in financial institutions.

We abide by strict quality control standards in all of our engagements, so you can be confident that the work product you receive will stand up to scrutiny. In addition, you can expect a high level of partner involvement on your engagement to ensure you have access to the experience and guidance required to address your organization’s needs; in fact, we have one of the highest partner-to-professional staff ratios in the industry. Our goal is to “serve the client” by providing the highest levels of competency, professionalism, and service timeline.

Hospitality and Leisure
Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP offers our hospitality and leisure clients the guidance necessary to deal with the ever-changing times and the exponential growth the industry faces. With our experience performing accounting, auditing, tax and special consulting services, we can help you increase efficiency, profitability and your bottom line. Our team is committed to bringing you exceptional value with friendly and accessible service and to form a supportive relationship.

Today’s hospitality industry faces Increased competition, tightened regulatory controls, higher insurance costs, narrower margins and ever-changing demands. We can provide sound business advice and an experienced hand. Our team assists a wide range of clients, both privately owned and franchise-operated, hotels and motels, restaurant chains, multi-state hotel operators, golf courses, and private resorts, clubs, and restaurateurs.

Well-run law firms use carefully considered business and management strategies to monitor their financial performance and increase profit. Because we have long-term client and referral relationships with many attorneys and law firms, we understand the diversity of the issues facing you daily and provide unmatched expertise to help create these strategies.

In addition to providing accounting, tax, and consulting services, we will also work with your firm to improve your finance, time and billing, and office operations and conduct in-depth reviews of your internal control systems and office procedures. Our Business Valuations Group also offers law firms well-reasoned and fully documented valuation opinions. W e apply our law firm experience to increase your proficiency to save you time and money.

Manufacturing and Distribution
Running a manufacturing or distribution company is a tough business. You are faced with ever-increasing global competition and operate in an environment of constant 
change in energy cost, raw goods cost, and cyclical profits. That’s why our practical advice is critical to help you improve your profitability, even out cash flow, and address capital improvements, technology, raw material cost, environmental, and labor management issues to assemble a successful business.

From our full range of audit, tax, and consulting services to bank financing, technology consulting, and succession planning, we are here to help make the challenging decisions and provide you with peace of mind. 

We understand the changing regulations, tax, and compliance issues you face to obtain sufficient funding and donations, gather reliable information, attract a dedicated group of volunteers and staff, and produce the appropriate documents for government agencies and contributors.

We will create and evaluate your budgets and financial plans to ensure that your organization is performing efficiently and effectively, provide financial reports to assist in fundraising and strategic planning, offer guidance regarding governmental or non-governmental agency tax compliance and reporting requirements at both the state and federal levels, and manage your organization’s taxes and tax-exempt status. We have the not-for-profit experience you require and the local relationships and volunteer experience within our community to serve your organization’s needs.

At Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP, we make it our top priority to provide our clients with customized, practical solutions to help them run their business competitively and effectively.


We are committed to exceed your expectations in all that we do. For more information about how our services can provide you with increased security, profit, and peace of mind, e-mail or visit our website at
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Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP is an affiliate of PKF International and Allinial Global, associations of legally independent accounting and consulting firms who share education, marketing resources, and technical knowledge in a wide range of industries. We are independent accounting firms coming together to support the success of independent client companies.

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