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Cost Segregation

If you have purchased, constructed or improved a building,
odds are that you will benefit from a cost segregation study.

Cost segregation studies are one of the most valuable tax strategies available to owners of commercial real estate today. They can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The cost of a building includes many assets which qualify for a considerably shorter tax life than the building as a whole. We can identify and value these shorter lived assets so that depreciation deductions can be claimed sooner and capital can be reinvested to create even greater return for investors.

We help large and small companies perform cost segregation studies. This study results in increased cash flow by accelerating depreciation in the early years of the project's life. Your company's real estate holdings constitute a huge capital investment. With our accounting/engineering-based cost segregation studies, you can enhance your real property's financial return by generating significant cash flow savings.

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Results that increase cash flow

Our cost segregation studies can help you increase your cash flow while reducing your current tax liability. Virtually every taxpayer who owns, constructs, renovates, or acquires a commercial real estate facility stands to benefit from having a cost segregation study performed. 

Cost segregation is an underused tax strategy for commercial property owners. We have engineering and tax specialists with advance knowledge in cost segregation studies who can help identify opportunities you may have never considered.


  • Reduce individual and corporate taxes
    Reduce property taxes
  • Maximize tax credits
  • Increase cash flow

If you have purchased, constructed, or improved your real estate holdings and expect to retain it for at least three years, you can benefit from accelerating tax depreciation to gain more cash now. Keep more of what is yours so your business can grow and flourish.

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Doug Kawamura, Partner
Glendale, CA
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Mica Miyamoto, Partner
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Richard Preciado, Partner
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