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Does your employee benefit plan have more than 100 participants? If so, you are required to have an audit of the plan conducted each year. Companies with fewer employees may also need an audit. As an employer, you need to take steps to safeguard employee benefit plan assets for your employees. An audit can protect the integrity of your plan and also help you maintain internal controls and improve operations.

Continually changing regulations for employee benefit plans have made audits increasingly complex requiring specialized experience and knowledge. Minimize your risks and costs and ensure that promised benefits will be available for your employees.  They determine their future financial security, but accuracy is your responsibility.

Solutions To Reach Your Goals

Our audit services are designed to assist you with ongoing plan administration responsibilities. We have experience and knowledge to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of employee benefit and pension plans. This includes thorough knowledge of pension basics as well as awareness of advanced pension issues.

Our role is not to be merely spectators, but participants and partners in overcoming the challenges you face in running your business.

We deliver a quality product that complies with all reporting and disclosure requirements, timely completion of reports in advance of filing deadlines, prompt, accurate answers to your questions, responsive technical support, and administration assistance throughout the plan year.

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We perform audits of all types of plans including:

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Behind every successful plan is a team of experts who have earned a reputation for trusted advice and quality service.

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We develop long-term relationships with our clients and they look to us for guidance and solutions that protect and grow their wealth.

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We are members of Allinial Global and PKFI which allows us to leverage world-class talent and expertise to address your specific goals.


Our team of experts will help you meet your individual and business goals and objectives.

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