Cost Segregation

Increase your cash flow while saving federal taxes

Your real estate holdings constitute a huge capital investment. A cost segregation study is a smart tax planning tool that can identify valuable tax savings that are often overlooked. They can maximize your real property’s financial return by fostering cash flow savings. 

Our cost segregation professionals apply their experience in engineering and tax to analyze the cost components of your real estate project and segregate the costs for depreciation purposes as personal property, land improvements, or building. The cost of a building includes many assets that qualify for a considerably shorter tax life than the building as a whole. We will identify and value those assets so that tax deductions can be claimed sooner for more immediate savings and the capital can be reinvested to create an even greater financial return.

Effective cost segregation studies should meet the relevant tax laws and guidance. If you have purchased, constructed, or improved your real estate holding(s) any time after 1986, expect to retain your real estate for at least the next three years, and can benefit from accelerating tax depreciation to gain more cash now.

Be certain you are obtaining the maximum cost recovery deduction allowed by law. Recent tax reform result in even greater benefits of a cost segregation study.  Be sure you are taking advantage of every tax opportunity. We can help develop effective strategies for accelerated depreciation deductions, reduced tax liability and increased cash flow.

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