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H&B Partner: Hanne LeLoup, San Diego

Miltek machinery

Mil-tek is an exciting, innovative company that is focused on recycling waste in an effort to create a greener future. They are a great example of a company that was developed from an idea of finding a practical solution to a growing problem.

Grocer Kristian Skannerup had problems finding space for all the empty packaging. He needed to find a way to compact cardboard and plastic so it would not take up so much space. As a result, he developed an environmentally friendly machine that not only could compact these materials but was also eco-friendly. The company grew quickly and recently entered the US market with machines installed in major hotel and restaurant chains.

Today his customers enjoy the benefits of improved recycling, reduced waste costs and a sustainable efficient way of handling their waste stream. Their efforts have been recognized through the Gold Medal Machinery Award and they are even a part of the school curriculum in Denmark for 5th grade.

Hanne recently met with Kristian Skannerup, CEO of Mil-tek at their factory headquarters in Denmark. On June 7th, she visited the Virginia facility and met his Royal Highness, the Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark, who made an appearance there as a part of his US tour.

Hanne LeLoup with Miltek

Hanne LeLoup meets his Royal Highness, the Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark

Hanne LeLoup, Partner

Hanne LeLoup, Partner in Charge
San Diego, CA
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